Do I still have to submit documentation for income and residency if I was arrested for a cannabis crime?

Yes, all participants have to submit income and residency documentation. All participants must be low income and be a resident of the City of Sacramento for five consecutive years between 1980 and 2011.

What is considered low-income?

Household Income must be under or equal too

1 person = $44,900,

2 persons = $51,300,

3 persons = $57,700,

4 persons = $64,100)

Low income household means a household whose income does not exceed 80% of median income applicable to Sacramento County, adjusted for family size as published and annually updated by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development pursuant to section 8 of the United States Housing Act of 1937.

Is there a cap on delivery licenses?

There is a cap of 50 delivery licenses in the Power Inn Alliance area. The cap will sunset in October 2019, and the Council will have to decide whether to keep or lift the cap.

Do I still have to be low-income or only low-income from 1980 to 2011?

No, it applies to if you did live in or currently live in a low-income household for classifications 1 and 2.

What is priority processing?

The City will review and approval of cannabis related business or conditional use permit (CUP) applications or renewals of CORE participants, if any, before any cannabis related business or conditional use application or renewal received by the City that would otherwise be processed on a first come, first served basis.

Are you eligible for the program if you were arrested outside of Sacramento?

Not eligible, must be arrested in Sacramento.

What is considered immediate family member?

Immediate family member means a person in the first, second or third degree of lineal or collateral kinship as defined in chapter 13 of Part 1 of Division 1 of the California Probate Code.

Is there a cap on any other type of license besides dispensary licenses?

Yes, cultivation and distribution in the Power Inn Alliance area are capped at 2.5 million square feet.

Do I have to submit tax records for everyone in my household?

Only the applicant must submit their tax records

Is a hemp business eligible to participate in the program?

No, cannabis-only businesses. The City does not regulate hemp, nor issue licenses for hemp businesses.


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